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Summer Reading

June 5, 2012

Not sure what your child should be reading this summer?  Here are some websites that give you some ideas about what books your child can read based on their grade/reading level.  Remember that children should be reading books on their level (or "just right" books) most of the time.  But it's also good for them to read easier books and challenging books every once in awhile.  



Before you start using some of these sites, let's talk about reading levels.  At CDS, we don't ever use these terms with the children, and instead want them to focus on finding "just right" books.  But as a parent and teacher, it's helpful to know where they are in their reading (and to know if a book they are reading is on their "level") and how they're progressing.  To make this system easy to understand, children's books are (and can be) assigned a letter of the alphabet, with "A" being the easiest level and "Z" being the hardest (you may see it referred to as "Guided Reading Levels").  



So here's the breakdown (you may notice there's some overlapping in certain grades): 



Kindergarten: A-D 



First Grade: C-I 



Second Grade: H-M



Third Grade: L-P



Fourth Grade: O-T



Fifth Grade: S-W



Sixth Grade: V-Z



So now what?  If you know what reading level and grade they fall under, you can search for tons of books for your child to read.  Here are some great websites that give you loads of ideas for books: 



Leveled Book List: Use this site when you know their reading level and grade.  



Book Lists by Grade Level: This site gives you suggested books based on their grade level



Scholastic Book Expert: Have a book but not sure what grade/level it's on? Type in a title or author and it will tell you what level and grade(s) that book is for



Scholastic Book Wizard: You can find and level books on this site



Here's an example of how this might work:  Your child picked up a Frog and Toad book and was able to read it fairly well (with only few hard words) on their own.  I used the Scholastic Book Expert site, typed in the title, and found that it was a level K.  I now know that my child is reading a second grade level book. I can then find lots of other books on (or closely) around that level.   



I hope that helps you get started on your journey to find books for your child. Happy Reading! 



PS...I also added several "Summer Reading Lists" on the left sidebar!  

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