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Handicraft Focus: Photography

November 29, 2011

Ms. Nikki's class finished up a unit on photography. After discussing elements that make an interesting photograph, the girls experimented with these elements to take their own photographs.  



At the end of their photography unit, they were thrilled to take a field trip to Bryan Johnson's studio. Mr. Bryan taught them about photo-journalism, introduced them to some of his favorite photographers, and told the girls his story of how he came to love photography. The girls looked at photographs he had taken and each picked their favorite one. They shared which elements made the photograph they chose one of their favorites. They also got to learn about the different types of cameras Mr. Bryan uses. 



Mr. Bryan showing the girls how to recognize which photographs were taken with certain types of cameras.

 Riley shares why this photograph is her favorite.


These are some of the pictures the girls took during the photography unit (click to enlarge).


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