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Schoolroom Talk

August 22, 2010

When we move into our new place, we'll have a huge basement that will become our schoolroom.  It's so big that I'm even adding another teacher and class to the school!  So excited about that.  I'm also excited about decorating and adding some new things to the space.


I'm always on the search for quality artwork, posters, etc. to add to the classroom.   One website I've loved is Eeboo.  I've bought their flower alphabet and bird numbers (see above the whiteboard in pic above) for our current classroom.  And I just recently bought their World Map to add to the room for next year.  Such great stuff!  

Another site I recently stumbled on is Imagine Childhood.  I love their nature posters, like this and this and this.  They've got some other lovely goodies that could easily fill up my cart.  


I've also been keeping a folder with bookmarked school ideas on the computer.  I'm really excited about this rain gutter bookshelf idea!  Totally doing that. 


There are so many great ideas out there...if you have any good websites or ideas for our school, please let me know! 

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