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The Enchanted Wood and A Butterfly

May 22, 2010


Today at school, just as we did this time last year, we set our butterflies free.  We've been watching them in the different stages of their life cycle  and enjoying every minute of it!  We had one or two that had some trouble with their wings, which actually worked out well today because the girls were able to hold the butterflies for quite some time.  They even sat on some of the girls' laps during our read-aloud time.  If you're interested in getting some caterpillars sent to your home, just click here (there are some other great kits and ideas on that site for your family). 



In last year's post about the same thing, I also mentioned a good book that we read, The Gardener.   So this time I thought I'd also post about a book we're reading currently: Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.  The author is an English writer, and her books are not that prevalent around these parts.  I'm always on the hunt for quality children's books, and I found out about Enid from Jane Brocket's beautiful book, Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer.


We've been reading the book after lunch everyday, and every time we have to stop I'm met with groans and pleas of "No!!! Please read one more chapter.  Just one!! Please!!"  It's a bit dramatic, but I really can't blame them.  Each chapter leads you on an adventure that makes you want to keep reading.  To me, it feels like a mix of Narnia, James and the Giant Peach, a bit of Harry Potter, and Boxcar Children.  So how could you go wrong?!  There are many more books with these same characters, and I may just have to start collecting them.  You can never have to many children's books, right?


I'll leave you with one last picture of our butterfly, perched on one of the cosmos we planted yesterday.  Loveliness all around.    


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