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Felt Pouches

November 13, 2009


Every morning at school we carve out just a few minutes for "Share Time."  I thought I'd have a share time on here as well, showing one of the projects the girls are finishing this week.  I mentioned a week or so ago about how we might make some "Hankie Holders."  The project instructions can  be found here.  With runny noses and coughs making their way into our classroom, I thought this would be a perfect fall craft for us to work on!  

All you need is some felt (I love Purl's collection of felt, found here) - you could use fabric as well, but the felt is so nice because you don't  have to worry about frayed edges.  I just cut all the edges with my pinking shears and then folded it in half (and I made our measurements slightly bigger than what Martha said).   The girls sewed the sides together using embroidery floss with the simple running stitch. 


Then, using a different colored felt, they wrote their initial and embroidered over it using a backstitch.  We cut it out in the shape of a heart and used craft glue to glue it on.  Easy peasy!


Stuff it with a small pack of tissues (or a beautiful handkerchief) and you're set for the flu and cold season in style.  I remember my grandmother used to keep one tucked under her watch or bracelet, but I think this is a much cuter (and cleanlier) way of holding them.  The possibilities of this project are endless...some embroidered flowers or fancy monogrammed initial would be lovely - and they'd make wonderful gifts! 


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