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"This is now."

March 12, 2009


Last Friday we finished reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I can't say enough about this book.  I hope it's one that the kids remember for a long time, and I think it will be.  Like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, it just sticks with you.  Parts of the book come popping up in my mind everyday.  One part that I wanted to share was the very end of the book (don't worry, it doesn't give anything away!).  But let me set the scene first: It was raining on Friday (with the back door open so we could hear it), the kids were snuggled under blankets, and we were all ready to listen and finish the story of this sweet family. So now to the end of the book...


Pa was playing his fiddle and singing "Auld Lang Syne" to Laura and Mary, which he did almost every night as they were laying in bed. So then...


"What are the days of auld lang syne, Pa?"


"They are the days of a long time ago, Laura," Pa said.


"Go to sleep, now."


But Laura lay awake a little while, listening to Pa's fiddle softly playing and to the lonely sound of the wind in the Big Woods. She looked at Pa sitting on the bench by the hearth, the fire-light gleaming on his brown hair and beard and glistening on the honey-brown fiddle. She looked at Ma, gently rocking and knitting.


She thought to herself, "This is now."


She was glad that the cozy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.




"This is now."  That quote (and the lines after it) gave me chills.  Aren't there those moments in your life where you just want to savor every second?  Where you're so thankful and you feel a sense of contentment?  You're not thinking of the future, or things to look forward to, or things in the past,  but you're savoring the "now."  I feel like we had one of those moments just reading the passage- I think I will always remember that moment at school.  And I know there are more of those moments in life to come! 


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