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Financial Aid

In an effort to be both consistent and simple, CDS uses a company called FACTS to help us make financial aid decisions. FACTS is a third party grant and aid assessment group that gathers all sorts of information from parents to help schools make financial aid determinations.  It is a assessment tool NOT a grant organization in that we do not receive money from them.  FACTS asks parents questions via a secure online survey (takes about 20-30 minutes) and then asks for the most recent year's tax return (submitted via fax or mail.) Once they have that data, they run income, debt, savings, etc. through their algorithms and come up with a need score - basically telling the school how much tuition they think you can afford. 

Please also know, that we (CDS) have the final say in a family's tuition.  We will consider how many children you have at CDS and other factors that you bring to our attention. We will simply use the FACTS score as one of the tools to arrive at your family's financial aid package. We don't want finances to be a stumbling block for families as they consider CDS, and feel that this way is the most unbiased, fact based way to accomplish that.


Also, be aware that completing the FACTS form does not guarentee your child a spot in our enrollment for the upcoming year. You must register in January during our offical registration process. Please email Melissa at Melissa@CrestwoodDaySchool.org to be added to our prospective students list to get updates on registration dates. 


Getting started is simple: 

1. go to https://online.factsmgt.com/aid

2. click on "create an account" button under "new users" on the left side of the page

3. enter the required information

4. on the next screen, use 35213 as the zip code of the school

5. select Crestwood Day School

6. you will need to pay the $25 fee to apply - this is done at the end of the process - hit OK to let them know you're aware of it

7. start entering your information

If you have any questions during this process, feel free to contact FACTS for assistance. Their number is 800-390-4690